These are my Jumptags for September 8th

  • The Five Design Elements Every Website Needs – Discover the five design elements that every well-built website needs. Includes tips and tricks for content and navigation design.
  • How To Jump Start The Website Design Process – Discover a simple four-step process that can help any web designer squeeze inspiration out of a competitor's website design.
  • Project2Manage – Free Project Management – Project2Manage is an Online project management system that allows you to stay up-to-date, on task and connected with your team. We’ve taken the hard work of staying organized and simplified it for you.
  • 15 Essential Web Tools for Students – It's time to head back to school and there are a number of web-based and social tools to help you get through the school year. Here are 15 essential ones.
  • Microsoft Launches Tools For Teachers – Microsoft's Education Labs launched a new project this afternoon and it's better on trees and the environment. The group just announced a new Math Worksheet Generator where teachers …
  • Kineo – Tip 27: Tear down the visual wallpaper – It is time to tear down the e-learning wallpaper and take heed of some top tips on using graphics for instructional use.
  • 30 Amazing Alphabet Recreations | Tutorial9 – The Alphabet dates back to the Egyptian era and forms the basis of our language, through the years people have experimented and created a wealth of interesting and unique alphabets. This is a collection of some of the best examples.
  • 3 Successful Small Businesses on Social Media – To help you see how social media can work no matter how big or small your business, I’ve found some great case studies of small businesses that get it and are seeing results!

These are my Jumptags for July 26th

These are my Jumptags for July 22nd

By way of the Kreativuse blog, I heard about “Bring Down IE 6,” a campaign to encourage web designers and developers to put IE6 out to pasture (or straight on to the glue factory as the metaphor lends).  The inconsistency among browsers and platforms for HTML and CSS is ludicrous.  Adding hacks to support a variety of browsers is pretty much the norm for developers, because their is inconsistencies about which features are supported within each of the browsers.  Having a site look the same in Firefox and IE (not to mention on a Mac and a PC) is pretty much unheard of.  Well, “Bring Down IE 6” is one effort to stop a small portion of the madness.  From the site, designer Craig Grannell says,

Even in 2001, Internet Explorer didn’t set the world on fire. Incomplete standards support rapidly made it look shoddy in the face of strong competition. In today’s market, surrounded by Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and its own successor, Internet Explorer 7, version 6 of Microsoft’s browser looks positively ancient.

Go on and read the rest of the informative and well argued article. You gotta luv this kind of passion and plea to the masses.  What do you think?  Can we let IE6 go?  I’m particularly interested to hear what the corporate, government and healthcare designers have to say.  Can we sing the torch song and set it adrift like a forgotten Viking warrior?

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