I’m proud to be presenting at the Cengage Learning Computing Conference in Phoenix, AZ, this week.  I have culled together a number of resources, recommendations, and best practices for designing and teaching blended, synchronous, and synchronous online courses, and so I’ve included those links below for the participants and my followers to have those all in one place.  I hope these are helpful, and I would really like to know if and how you use them. So please drop me a comment below or feel free to contact me on one of my social media streams.

Supporting Webpages & Resources Mentioned in the Slides

  1. Planning an Online Course
  2. Introductory Email to Online Students
  3. Introductory Pages for an Online Course
  4. Online Course Content Page Template
  5. Online Course Project Page Template
  6. Tips for Online Course Management
  7. Tips for Asynchronous Communications
  8. Tips for Synchronous Communications
  9. Assessment in Online Courses
  10. Building a Course Site with PBWorks

Presentation Slidedeck on Slideshare.net


Synchronous Class Meetings, In-Classroom & Flipped Classroom Slide Templates

University of Memphis

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This morning I’ll be presenting to the Information Technology Division (ITD) Leadership, including Dr. Doug Hurley, the Chief Information Office for the University of Memphis.  When I was asked to present, the direction was not real specific.  They wanted me to share about the teaching and learning strategies that I have been using in courses.  So, I decided to do a little smorgasbord and talk about a lot of different strategies I’ve been using and then allow them to ask questions about areas or ideas that they would like to know more about.

So, some of the topics include guest bloggers, mobile teaching and learning, collaborative tools, blended learning courses, and open courseware.  Here’s my slide deck in Slideshare.net:

[slideshare id=7747559&doc=itd-leaders-110427014024-phpapp01]