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Okay, I finally did it. I jumped ship and have decided to leave Jumptags. Why? Well, I wasn’t happy about it.  The choice was hard, but in the end, there really wasn’t a choice.

Jumptags was great.

I really like My Jumptags.  I particularly like that you can create bookmarks for different types of media, include images/photos, code, and videos.  I also like that you can create sort of hidden tags, too.  But the death-nail for me was that the Jumptags tool bar wasn’t working for me in Firefox on my Mac.  Even the bookmarklet was giving me issues.  For a few weeks, I thought maybe something was up.  Then about a week ago, I took a long hard look at everything, and I determined that the toolbar was not working … and not working consistently.  So, I made the decision to move my bookmarks.  I can’t work this hard to get a bookmark into Jumptags.  It has to be seamless and unobtrusive.  Now, it is neither for me.

Moving to Diigo

I took a look around at the possible options for bookmarking services, including diigo, delicious, among others.  Delicious certainly is robust and functional, but it doesn’t have a lot of integration features with APIs and other services. (It’s still not the prettiest thing to look at either — even after Yahoo! got ’em.)  Diigo on the other hand is extensive.  It does offer a lot of service, but it’s also a little overkill for many things.  I don’t necessarily need to use the annotations right now, but I was willing to consider diigo and its smorgasbord of services even if I wasn’t going to use them all.

I also decided to give diigo a try because of how easily it was to import my bookmarks from Jumptags.  Unfortunately, diigo does not like two-word tags.  Jumptags did allow spaces inside of tags. (Tags were delimited by commas — not spaces.) Diigo instead opts for hyphenated tags.  So, I definitely have some cleaning up to do.

Join in … again.

I also went ahead and created a group for my Viral-Notebook site.  You can see the group and join the group at With diigo you can set your email options to send to you any group bookmark updates.  So, be sure to set this up. If you do join the group, then you will be able to contribute to the Viral Notebook bookmarks as well.  So, I encourage you to do so.

Plus, I have decided to go ahead and allow diigo to publish the bookmarks into my Viral-Notebook blog as well.  I am considering adding a couple of lists (which are a little new to me and a little confusing to me) for specific courses for my students.  So, I’ll let you know when that happens.

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