Looking for some great (free!) icons to use in your presentations or blog posts?  Try these:

  1. From Web Designer Depot’s Newsletter: Try Sosa, an icon font. (I just downloaded it.)
  2. From Designrfix, their recent blog post has 45 different icon sets for you.  I particularly like:
  3. Tom Kuhlmann over at the Articulate Rapid eLearning blog has a great post and links for handwriting-looking graphics and fonts.  I just used some of these in an elearning module for my online course.
  4. Looking for more icons and icon sets? Here are some previous blog posts.
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    2. Icons I love. Fur and feathers.
    3. More icon love. Company’s coming.
    4. Clipart objects. Cool and free. Just the way I like it.

Which ones do you like? Which ones are you downloading?  (I admit I’m a little addicted to icons and icon sets.  They help me create a theme and communicate a message.)

If you’re looking for some informal, hand-drawn, or grunge-ish arrows to use as “previous” and “next” buttons in your next elearning or mlearning project, then I highly encourage you to take a look at these arrows from pinkmoustache.net. There’s a collection of about 100 arrows available in Adobe Illustrator (.ai) and (.eps) formats.

If you’re not super comfortable with Illustrator, then I was able to open these with little effort into Adobe Fireworks. Fireworks kept the groups and layers intact, which I was able to copy/paste to a new file and change the colors easily.

Arrows from pinkmoustache.net

New vector collection of 100 arrows! | pinkmoustache.net | vector stories.

Thank you to Tutsplus.com for aggregating a bunch of these graphics into one place for me. 😉 How do you plan to use these great little gems?

These are my Jumptags for December 16th

These are my Jumptags for December 7th through December 9th:

Turkey IconBecause you all know just how much I love a good icon set, I’m sending along a new list of icons to get you ready for the holidays.  I received all of these either through an email subscription or an RSS feed that I read.  So, thanks to Tutorial 9 and SitePoint for making this elf happy.  As always, read the licensing and read me files to determine just how you can use these guys.

Fall & Thanksgiving

Fall Icons

With this icon pack from Tutorial 9, you get 5 icons in PNG format: leaves, pilgrims, a pumpkin, a tree, and a turkey.  Who doesn’t love a goofy turkey that can be repurposed as a Virginia Tech hokie?

Download from: http://www.tutorial9.net/resources/free-icon-pack-november-seasonal-icons/

Christmas Pack 1

Christmas Icons 1

This adorable little pack of icons from Chico21 on DeviantArt comes with 8 icons for you to use.  They are in PNG format (my favorite!), and you get a Christmas tree, reindeer, stocking with candy cane, chicken and hen (always a  holiday necessity), Santa mouse, Mama and baby bears, and a present.

Download from http://chicho21net.deviantart.com/art/Christmas-Dock-Icons-72393843

Christmas Pack 2

Christmas Icons 2

Twenty icons this time from the “Real Christmas 2005” pack.  These are from Enchanted Labs and come in 3 flavors — no, not cinnamon, ginger, and vanilla — Mac, Windows, and PNG.  If you would like to use these in your system icons, then feel free to use the Mac or Windows options.  But as I always suggest, download the PNGs for the most flexibility in your development projects.

Download from http://enhancedlabs.com/index.php/labnotes/comments/the_real_christmas_05_reloaded/

These are my Jumptags for November 18th

These are my Jumptags for November 4th through November 5th:

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  • Elements of Design: Type – Type is a fundamental part of any design it appears in. It can be used as text to read, as a shape and as a visual element where the choice of typeface conveys an emotion or mood. Type, when used well doesn’t need a photograph or illustration to back…
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These are my Jumptags for October 26th through November 2nd:

These are my Jumptags for October 13th through October 15th:

If you remember, in my first post, I explained why I loved icon sets and told you what to look for in icons . . . particularly those that are free.  In the next post, I gave you a heads-up on animal icons that are real nice and real cute.  Continuing the series on icons that I love, today, I have for you two sets that are directed toward businesses and corporate uses.

Business sense

business iconsIn this icon set, there are 10 icons that are primarily directed toward business and money.  As you can see from the screen capture to the right, you can download the images individually for Windows and Buddy icons or as PNGs in 2 sizes.  I recommend the PNGs in both sizes, because it gives you options when you go to use them in your web pages, presentations or word processing documents.  Admittedly, there are a couple of unusual and atypical business images in the set, including a casino roulette wheel. Go figure?

When you click on any of these images, they will open into a new browser window with the image sitting all alone by itself.  To download them, all you need to do is right click (control+click on a Mac) and then choose “Save image as…”

Available at Icon Archive

Project Run-and-get-them

Project iconsThis second set of icons are courtesy of Smashing Magazine, which always and I’m mean always has good freebies.  (The theme I’m using right now for my blog is courtesy of Smashing Mag.)  This set was designed by Navdeep Raj and includes 18 images that are targeted toward project management, including icons for project milestones, contacts, clocks and timetracking, charts, and communications.  A good variety that would work well business presentations, such as project updates or even with tutorials for project management software and processes.  The zipped files comes with all 18 images and the original Fireworks files in PNG format (which is Fireworks native format).  The the original files in there, the licensing is a basic “have at it” mentality.  You can use them for personal or commercial projects, and you can edit the originals.

Available at Smashing Magazine

If you like these icons and would like to find more in my collection, then feel free to browse my bookmarks at Jumptags.com.  I also encourage you to stay tuned for more icons I love and where to get them.  Also, if you haven’t already, consider signing up for my RSS feed or email updates in the links on the side.