Today, I have the pleasure of spending some time with adventurous faculty at Witchita State University. So, a “BIG Hello!” goes out to Amy, Darren, and Rick, along with all of the other guests who will be joining us. I’m excited because I get to spend two days with these faculty who are considering a transformation for their respective courses with a move to online teaching and learning. We will be video conferencing using a dedicated/stationary Polycom system, which includes screen sharing.

Today, we’ll be discussing effective online course design. So, I’ll be sharing some of my ideas about planning an online course and designing the parts of the course so they are most beneficial to the students and are more easily facilitated.

We will be referring to a number of pages from my professional development resource wiki in place of handouts. I’m also going to embed the overview presentation below, so that you will have access to all the materials in one place. (By the way, you can also use the link at the top of the page to go to my wiki and all the pages are linked there as well.)

  1. Planning an online course
  2. Introductory email to online students
  3. Introductory pages for an online course
  4. Course content page template
  5. Course project page template

Here’s a copy of the presentation, too.

[slideshare id=1623768&doc=effectivecoursedesign-090623000716-phpapp01]

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