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SCORM becoming important to higher ed

In a recent article for The Chronicle of Higher Education, SCORM’s limited value to eLearning and training has become more high profile. The Chronicle reports: Some higher-education leaders say a little-noticed technical note in a new $2-billion federal grant program could make it difficult for colleges to use the money to build free online course materials….

10 open source elearning tools for 2011

If you have the chance, I encourage you to take a quick look at Christopher Pappas’ slide deck from Slideshare.net. In the deck, you’ll see a list of 10 open source applications targeted specifically for elearning in 2011.  A number of these tools have been around for a couple of years, including eXe and Xerte….

Resources for elearning project management: Initiating the project

Project management for elearning, training, etc. involves the intersection of instructional design with project management processes.  The IPECC project management model involves 5 stages: Initiating Planning Executing Controlling Closing This type of project management is directly in line with Six Sigma, total quality management processes, and continuous improvement process that organizations may already be implementing….

Living among Stars

Academy Award for Best Foreign Language FilmI had the distinct honor to be included in Connie Malamed’s list of 12 Unique Blogs Are Written By Professors over at the eLearning Coach blog. To follow the Oscar sentiment of “It’s an honor to be nominated,” it certainly was an honor to be included on Connie’s list. It was equally humbling to see the others on the list as well, such as George, David, Scott, and Michael. (I do know it sounds a little shallow to also hear “It’s an honor to be included with the other nominees,” as well.) …

Writing student blog posts that get comments (and at higher order thinking)

Blue-PencilIn a few presentations I’ve given, I have mentioned that I sometimes require students to write blog posts. For example, in my graduate course on elearning and project management, my Masters and doctoral students write posts on specific topics. I’ve had audience members sometimes come up to me afterward and ask me about the requirements I use with these posts, and I usually provide some general guidelines for them. However, I decided I would go ahead and list here what my requirements are, so everyone can see how I try to encourage blog posts to receive comments.

mlearning, mInstruction, or just whateva?

I am concerned that mLearning is headed down a similar path to eLearning. The saying, “There’s an app for that,” seems to reflect this sentiment that all mlearning is equal. No matter what you’re trying to teach or how you’re trying to teach there seems to “an app for that,” and mlearning is what we’re going to call it. And this is where I think we start to mash-up the meaning (pun intended).

Doing ID theory better

theoryDuring a session last week at AERA on theory and practice in instructional design and elearning, I piped in with a comment about folks who I thought were doing theory better than those of us in higher education. In fact, I thought these folks were making theory not sound like theory at all. They are providing to a large audience of practitioners through their blog posts a wealth of applicable knowledge and skills in very digestible ways.

IDT 7095/8095 Project Showcase

Tonight is the project showcase for my IDT 7095/8095: Developing Interactive Learning Environments II course. The overwhelming majority of this course is based in working with a “live” external client. At the beginning of the semester, student teams select clients from proposals I have received. Then students work all semester with the client to analyze, design, develop, implement and evaluate a solution to the proposed problem. As part of the showcase, student teams will present an executive summary of their projects’ problems, solutions and evaluations. This semester there are four strong teams.

Bookmarks for February 9th through March 17th

These are my Jumptags for February 9th through March 17th: Free and legal music downloads – Jamendo – Download and listen to over 20,000 albums, legally. Use BitTorrent or download directly to discover and share new artists. All content is Creative Commons or "Art Libre" licensed. Philip Hutchison Talks SCORM and E-Learning — Campus Technology…

Project Showcase April 22 at 6:00 pm in 301 Ball Hall

Within our Instructional Design & Technology 7095/8095, project teams will be presenting synopses of their projects for this semester in a Project Showcase of live clients. Their work represents approximately $15,000 – 20,000 worth of instructional development. In the showcase, each team of students will present a 15-minute overview of their project and product.