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Dropbox is doubling education referrals

I received this notice today in my email Inbox from Dropbox, and it is welcomed news. So, if you’re with a .edu account, I recommend you try it out! To give you guys a jumpstart for the new school year, we’re giving all you .edu folks double referral credit! That’s 500 MB per friend you…

Bookmarks for March 17th through April 13th

These are my Jumptags for March 17th through April 13th: Problems with ADDIE – Moving Your WordPress Site and Database « Weblog Tools Collection – here comes a time you may have to leave one web host for another. No matter the reason the idea of relocating an entire website – especially one that has…

K-12 Education: Moving from the Schoolhouse to the Superhighway

Guest Blogger PostOn March 9, Memphis Mayor A C Wharton announced via Twitter that Memphis was filing an application for Google Fiber for Communities. This initial tweet was followed with a post on the mayor’s blog From the Mayor’s Desk. In his blog post, Wharton asks you to “Imagine a promising inner-city 7th-grader collaborating with classmates around the world while watching a live university lecture.” Wharton is asking his readers to imagine e-learning in our K-12 classrooms. This call to imagine e-learning in Memphis classrooms comes less than a week after the US Department of Education’s Office of Educational Technology released a draft of their National Educational Technology Plan 2010 titled “Transforming American Education: Learning Powered by Technology“. This plan calls for readers to embrace the use of e-learning as the catalyst that will propel our schools through the 21st century. With this political focus being put on e-learning, let’s explore how this will look in the K-12 classroom. First we will define e-learning, next we will look at a few of its benefits, then we will note a few barriers to its implementation.

Warning: Constructivists read at your own risk!

Guest Blogger PostAs I reminisce on my undergraduate Education Psychology course and graduate courses that promoted the need for incorporating constructivist practices in the classroom to “prove” you are a student-centered educator, I often contemplated the effectiveness of the constructivist teacher in the classroom. Before revealing my perspective, let’s identify some key points related to constructivism.

5 things Facebook can teach us about elearning

Guest PostFacebook is an Internet phenomenon. It launched to a small group of Harvard students in 2004 and now has millions of users worldwide. Although elearning is popular, it has not had the kind of widespread acceptance with the general public that Facebook has seen. Let’s take a look at a few things that Facebook can teach us about elearning.

Bookmarks for December 14th through December 15th

These are my Jumptags for December 14th through December 15th: http://www.GoogleLitTrips.com – This is the tips and how to page for Google Lit Trips. ICTAC MEMO iPhone Apps for Education – A list of iPod touch and iPhone applications for use with learning. Organized by different content areas, too. The myth of the page fold:…

Bookmarks for October 21st

These are my Jumptags for October 21st Xtranormal | Text-to-Movie – Use Xtranormal to create movies quickly. Drag and drop actors onto scenes. Add text and the software syncs the actors mouths with the text. Windows only. Storybird – Collaborative storytelling – Storybirds are short, visual stories that you make with family and friends to…

Bookmarks for September 19th through September 21st

These are my Jumptags for September 19th through September 21st: Videos – Worldbuilder – Welcome to Worldbuilder: A Fourth World Media, LLC Educational Community Committed to the Advancement of Social Media Literacy Did You Know? 4.0: The Economist Media Convergence Remix – The Economist Magazine is hosting their third annual Media Convergence Forum in New…

Off to summer camp…break out the tents, campfires, web browsers and embed codes

Marshmallow ToastingStarting next week, I’m going to summer camp. Yahoo! Tents, campfires, ghost stories, s’mores. I love s’mores. I could be wrapped in chocolate and marshmallows. Actually, I’m not going anywhere. (Still thinking about making s’mores, though.) I’m going to participate in PBworks’ (PBwiki) Summer Camp for Educators.

AERA presentation: Coming to understand the influences on and artifacts of learning

I’m off to San Diego, CA, this week for the American Educational Research Association annual meeting.  This is the premier conference for educational researchers.  I will be presenting three sessions, and I will create posts for each one.  So, you can find all the articles and good stuff easily. Today, as part of the Multiple…