Valentine's Day StudyHappy Valentine’s Day and welcome to the inaugural post of my new web site and blog, I hope you’ll find my blog interesting, provocative, funny and informative. I’m going to be considering design broadly, including instructional design, message design, interface design and graphic design. I’ll also be looking toward instructional development and learning technologies, such as e-learning, Web 2.0 and technology integration.

When I off-handedly mentioned mentioned the name of my new site to a group of doc students, one student (David S.) asked me what the name meant. So, I thought I would share a little bit about the name like I did for him. Certainly, a notebook is a catch-all: a container for unfinished and refined thoughts, a bound collection of related and dissimilar writings and a place for chicken scratch that hasn’t been fleshed out or found a home. Viral (rhymes with spiral) connotes the infectious nature and methods that so many good ideas are spread from one individual to another. So, hopefully, this site will become a venue for sharing. I hope you’ll help with that, too. And as the title suggests, “Show some love.” Comment and share. I welcome both.

As part of the launch for my site, I invited a slew of friends and colleagues from around the country to offer up their thoughts on topics they are currently pondering. I am pleased and honored to announce that over the next weeks, their posts will celebrate the launch of this site. Here’s the prestigious list:

  • Paul Ayers, International Paper
  • Elizabeth Boling, Indiana University
  • Rob Branch, University of Georgia
  • Ward Cates, Lehigh University
  • Jongpil Cheon, Texas Tech University
  • Anna Clifford, Union University
  • Chuck Hodges, Virginia Tech University
  • Corey Johnson, FedEx
  • David Lindenberg, Lebonheur Methodist Healthcare
  • Yuri Quintana, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  • Lynn Schrum, George Mason University
  • Sharon Smaldino, Northern Illinois University

Can you say, “Wow!”? This is an awesome list of experts, researchers and practitioners. I hope their thoughts will prompt you to comment on their posts, as well as either subscribe to the RSS feed or submit your name in the form on the right sidebar to receive email updates.