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While reading through my Zite magazine this weekend, I came across a post that mentioned Wideo.  I hadn’t heard of this animation tool, but while I was looking at it and thinking about how I might could use this myself (or invite my students to use it), I came across a couple animations for design, which I really liked.  (Those are down below!)  These video animations inspired me to put together 10+ resources and lessons that I really like and use with my students for improving design, graphic design, slides, elearning materials, and type. I think there are 13 or 14 recommendations in total.  I hope you enjoy!

Graphic Design

eLearning & Online Courses

Slides & Presentations

Fonts & Typography


Two super quick look at elements of design in fast and fun animations.  These were produced with Wideo, and I’m thinking about trying this new tool myself.

Following up …

If you have some other resources, links, or lessons that you can recommend, please add them into the comments.  I’m sure others would really like to see them.

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Stuart Williams via Compfight

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