By way of the Huffington Post, I found out that Childrens Television Workshop and the folks at Sesame Street have begun specific programming to address the challenges of life for little children.  You can read a synopsis from Huffington Post below.

On Tuesday, Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit that operates “Sesame Street,” launched “Little Children, Big Challenges: Divorce” — a set of free resources offered online for families coping with divorce. The tools are designed to help kids between the ages of 2 and 8 deal with and understand their parents’ divorces, and help parents talk about divorce with their children in an age-appropriate way.

As part of the initiative, a 13-minute segment will appear online that features popular puppets such as Elmo and Abby Cadabby (see above for a short clip). The segment will not air on TV.

In one scene, Abby Cadabby sits down with friends Elmo and Rosita to draw pictures of their homes. Abby Cadabby draws two pictures — one of her at her mom’s house and another of her at her dad’s house. When Elmo asks why she doesn’t live with both of her parents, Abby Cadabby explains (with the help of Sesame Street resident Gordon) that her parents divorced after having “some grown-up problems, problems they couldn’t fix… but they both said they still love [her] very much.”

via Sesame Workshop Launches ‘Little Children, Big Challenges’ Divorce Initiative (VIDEO).

As noted above, this segment will not air on TV.  Certainly, this type of  counseling is incredibly useful for children who are going through these challenges, but I believe these types of videos will be possibly even more useful for children who are not going through these and need to understand what their friends or classmates are experiencing.  I think these segments will offer an avenue for compassion to be bridged in understanding what other children may be experiencing.  I think my own children would really benefit from understanding how other children may feel, since they can’t comprehend the situation directly.

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