Looking for some great (free!) icons to use in your presentations or blog posts?  Try these:

  1. From Web Designer Depot’s Newsletter: Try Sosa, an icon font. (I just downloaded it.)
  2. From Designrfix, their recent blog post has 45 different icon sets for you.  I particularly like:
  3. Tom Kuhlmann over at the Articulate Rapid eLearning blog has a great post and links for handwriting-looking graphics and fonts.  I just used some of these in an elearning module for my online course.
  4. Looking for more icons and icon sets? Here are some previous blog posts.
    1. Icon sets. I have just 4 words for you: Fab-u-lous and free.
    2. Icons I love. Fur and feathers.
    3. More icon love. Company’s coming.
    4. Clipart objects. Cool and free. Just the way I like it.

Which ones do you like? Which ones are you downloading?  (I admit I’m a little addicted to icons and icon sets.  They help me create a theme and communicate a message.)

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