This announcement is from the AECT Graduate Student Assembly. It’s a great opportunity to hear from a leader in our field.

The AECT Graduate Student Assembly, in partnership with the Design & Development Division, presents a webinar:

My Top 10 Book Picks for the Compleat Instructional Designer from Outside the ID World
with Dr. Andrew Gibbons

Any field of scholarship draws energy from the ideas of other fields. This is especially true in an integrative field like Instructional Design, which combines technical concepts with abstract properties into interactions and environments that attract, engage, and promote growth and change. We can keep the field fresh and avoid becoming insular if we are constantly searching the literature of other fields, searching for inspiration and probing the boundaries of the environment in which we practice.

Where should we read? Pick up the course catalogue from any university and you will find some relevance in every college, every department, and every program. English? Who writes our instructional words? Art? Who creates our visual experiences? Theater? Who imbues our products with drama and the ability to engage? Physics? Who balances natural energies and forces to reach desired states? Religion? Who can help us understand awe? Architecture? Who can help us combine awe with structural integrity? Philosophy? Who can increase the underlying coherence and unity of our designs? Engineering? Who designs for a reliable, safe habitat?

We can’t apply theories and principles from other fields directly, but learning from them can help us frame our own theories and principles, and these will  enjoy the fruits of decades, sometimes centuries, of learned conversation. Our field is new, and it deals with innovation that proceeds at hummingbird pace, but humans remain humans, and serving them is the concern of our field.

The webinar will take place on October 5th, 2012 at 12:00 EDT
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This webinar will also be streamed on AECT’s GSA website. For any questions contact AECT GSA representative for the Design & Development Division, Colin Gray at

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