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Apparently, there has been a little confusion as of late as to the periodic table of elements, and looks as though I contributed to the confusion, too. (Sorry for that.)  There are 2 periodic tables of elements that have been QR coded. (I just made that into a verb/gerund, I think.)  There is one that links to videos.  That’s this one housed in Flickr and links to YouTube video:

And there is the one that links to audio files.  That’s this one:

The audio one is the one that was recently published in the Journal of Chemical Education. Bravo!


I inadvertently mixed these up in a blog post.  I thought the video one is the one that was published in the Journal of Chemical Education, but I was wrong.  It was the audio one. Oops!  My apologies to everyone.  Both are great, though.  So, depending on just how you wan to share the information on mobile devices and laptops, both are great options.

I hope you’ll give them both a try, and if you do, please let me know how it goes.

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