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While it has been publicized pretty widely, I wanted to make sure you remembered that May 2nd (next week) is when Google’s Education On Air conference is happening.  This is completely online and free professional development for inservice and preservice teachers.  So, I highly encourage you to attend what you can.

Another bonus is that the sessions are being offered by everyday folks, like you and me.  You can see in the presenters list that there are folks from around the world who will be presenting on a wide variety of topics all day long. There are very tech-y things, like setting up Google Apps for your domain to very concrete pedagogical things with Google Apps, such as Google Docs for writing instructors (this is one I think I’m going to try and make).

Google even has the sessions set up to add directly into your Gcal, so you won’t miss a thing!  If you attend a session next week, let me know.  If you take notes or you’re tweeting, let me know, too.  I’d like to add your thoughts in here.

via EducationOnAir.

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