AECT’s Teacher Education Division (TED) and the Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) are co-hosting a webinar on Education in the Age of Mobility. Dr. Shari Metcalf, Dr. Amy Kamarainen, and Dr. Yu-Chang Hsu will present on using mobile apps within educational settings.

Wednesday, April 18th from 5:00-6:00 PM EST.


Here’s abstracts of the presenters:

Shari Metcalf and Amy Kamarainen, of Harvard Graduate School of Education, will share how the findings from the EcoMUVE curriculum research has contributed to the design of EcoMOBILE (Ecosystems Mobile Outdoor Blended Immersive Learning Environment) with funding from the Institute of Education Sciences, Qualcomm, Inc., and the National Science Foundation. In EcoMobile, students use a smartphone with Qualcomm technology, an augmented reality interface (using Fresh AiR <>) and environmental probes (NSpires with Vernier probes) to collect evidence to solve an environmental mystery.

Yu-Chang Hsu, of Boise State University, will share his research on mobile app design and the use of App Inventor for educators. App Inventor, a web-based tool, consists of Component Designer, facilitating the design of the app’s interface and integration of nonvisible components (e.g., sound, GPS) and Block Editor, allowing users to control apps’ behavior and reaction to user input through visual block-based programming without writing codes in text format.

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