This aggregated resource comes from Dustin Betonio at Tripwire Magazine. While specifically targetd at web designers, I believe elearning developers and mobile learning developers would also benefit from these ebooks.

A few that I will be adding to my iPad 2 are:

  1. Introduction to Good Usability
  2. Integrating Accessibility Through Design
  3. A Practical Guide To Web Typography
  4. The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web (HTML)
  5. HTML5 Quick Learning Guide

I’m also considering adding these five to course readings for students. I believe the topics of accessibility, usability, and HTML5 will work well in my advanced elearning development class, the web typography books fit within our beginning instructional design classes.

Do you have any good ebooks that you would recommend for elearning or mlearning developers to read?

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