This is just a quick reminder that Project Showcase for IDT 7095/8095 students is on Thursday, April 19, 2012 at 6:00 pm. That’s just 4 weeks away!!!  The two projects we have this semester are described below.

The purpose of Medication Safety is to develop an online instructional unit on how to prevent medical errors for all residents whose responsibilities include writing prescriptions.  All residents will be required to take and successfully pass the course. The unit will be designed to provide hands-on, interactive training to reduce errors and resolve issues regarding medication and patient safety, abbreviations, route and routines, and look-alike and sound-alike drugs. A pretest and post-test will be administered for the unit.

Online Course Development Training for Faculty is being developed to meet the needs of University of Memphis faculty.  It will provide online training and resources for faculty who are developing or revising online courses.  The web-based instruction will demonstrate the appropriate configuration and development of an online course.  MP4 modules will be developed and hosted on the University’s PodCast Central repository.  Individualized modules will address the following aspects of building online courses:  course introduction, course organization, learner engagement, course communication, assessment and evaluation, and ethics.  Writing effective learning objectives and incorporating engaging learning strategies will be emphasized in the modules covering course organization and learner engagement respectively. The modules will be used to supplement the required face-to-face meetings between faculty and the online education coordinators.  For security and copyright purposes, access of the files will require a login and password.  To meet ADA compliance, closed caption will also be included. The modules will not be designed to explain the step-by-step process of physically converting a course to an online format.  Additionally, they will not be course-content specific.

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