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This message is to encourage you and your advanced doctoral students to submit a Featured Research proposal for the 2012 AECT International Conference. Below you will find some information about this type of session. Specific guidelines for how to submit an AECT proposal can be found at

As the premier professional organization in instructional design and technology, AECT actively fosters the dissemination of important research findings. In order to encourage a greater number of high-quality research paper presentations at our annual convention, the Research&  Theory Division will feature a small number of research paper sessions. The following describes the nature of a featured research study:

  • A featured research paper must report on a completed research study that has not been published in a journal nor previously presented at a conference.
  • The paper should describe an empirical study that used primarily quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods.
  • In all cases, a study must involve the collection of data. Literature reviews, papers describing theories unaccompanied by supporting data, and other non-data-based papers will not be considered for this type of session.
  • A study must have been conducted and the data analyzed at the time a proposal is submitted.
  • Authors of an accepted featured research paper must submit a full paper (not a slide presentation or outline) to their discussant at least 30 days prior to the start of the conference.

For questions regarding a Featured Research submission, contact James Klein at

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Research Section Editorial Board
Educational Technology Research and Development

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