I found out earlier today that Obion County Central High School began experimenting with “Bring Your Own Device” when students returned from winter break this semester.  This is a great step forward in leveraging technologies with public schools.

I plan on contacting the Superintendent David Huss for Obion County Schools first to congratulate him on this “big step” and second to see if my students and I can connect with Obion County Central High to observe what’s happening or help out with this great work.

From the news story:

Obion Co. Schools Begin Technology Experiment

Some teachers in West Tennessee encouraged their students to bring their cell phones, iPads, Kindles, and other technology devices to class. Best of all, they will not get in trouble for it.

It is all part of a trial period in Obion County High Schools, that kicked off this semester. …

Superintendent David Huss said this semester they gave their teachers and students the opportunity to use technology to enhance student learning in the classroom. “These students today seem to be learning in a different way, and we want to try and capitalize on the technology that they already have.”

From the story and the interviews, it seems the teachers are using some of the tools I’ve mentioned here on this blog as great options for mobile learning and teaching, such as Remind 101 and PollEverywhere.

Thanks to Dr. Anna Clifford at Union University for bringing this to my attention. 🙂

You can also watch the full story video:

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