One of the presentations we sort-of “crowdsourced” for the Midsouth Technology Conference last week was “60 Apps in 60 Minutes.” However, the crowd was us instead of the audience; we had about 8 of us contribute to this presentation.  Even a couple of folks who couldn’t make it to the presentation.

This presentation included 60+ applications—some web apps, some mobile apps, some open-source software, some web apps with mobile apps. There was a real diversity in ability levels in the audience, so this face paced presentation with so many ideas and choices offered a lot of “bang for your buck” for the audience.  It was also really well attended with a “full house.” And we were able to complete it in 45 minutes instead of 60.

The slidedeck is housed inside Slideshare and also in my professional development wiki.

[slideshare id=10508178&doc=60appsin60minutes-111208000146-phpapp02]

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