After writing my Twitter story and seeing the follow-up comments and being encouraged by Joanna Bobiash, I’m declaring Wednesday, November 16, 2011, “My Twitter Story” Day! Let’s have a blog carnival that celebrates how social networking has changed us as educators.

The meaningfulness and power of social networks is varied and far reaching, and many times we are unaware of just how we impact and touch others.  For education, we are just beginning to see this power harnessed.  So, I am inviting you to participate in “My Twitter Story” Day (#mytwitterstory), so others can see how social networks have impacted you, your PLN/PLC, other teachers, your students, other teachers’ students.  Heck, maybe even my students!  Maybe you’ll even encourage students to write their own twitter stories.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. Invite. I invite you and you invite others to write your own Twitter story.  Here’s mine if you haven’t read it. By the way, feel free to use this blog post and image in your own posts! (Feel free to plagiarize this to death use this as a model.) Start now. Retweet this.
  2. Write. Write your own Twitter story on or before Wedenesday, November 16, 2011, as a blog post. Feel free to be creative. Podcasts, vidcasts, and slidecasts are all fine by me.
  3. Rite. Add #mytwitterstory as the hashtag in your tweets and/or blog post.
  4. Cite. On or before Wednesday, November 16, 2011, add your name and the URL to your blog post in the comments area this blog post.  I will add your name and link into the updated blog post for Wednesday, November 16.
  5. Excite! On Wednesday, November 16, 2011, I’ll publish the updated blog post and tweet it out as well.  Retweet it willy-nilly!

This is an open invitation. Feel free to retweet this notice and please invite others to write and share their twitter stories, too.  I’m really excited about the possibilities of sharing our stories.  I also see this as a fantastic method of reflection.

9 Thoughts on “Share Your ‘My Twitter Story’ #mytwitterstory

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  2. How Twitter Saved My Career and My Family – An honest account of how Twitter, or the connections that I have made through Twitter, has had a profound impact on my career and my life. –

    I know I wrote an earlier one as well, but I can’t find it.

  3. Thanks for the shout out Michael! It has been great getting to know you better over the past year and a bit. Hope to catch up with you at SITE or AERA in the Spring.

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  6. Thanks for the invitation, Michael. It’s been great getting to know you! Here’s my Twitter story:

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  8. Here’s my submission >> My Twitter Story #mytwitterstory « A Retrospective Saunter

    It’s great to read other folks stories. Thanks for sharing. This is a great idea.

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