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In a move that will situate them strongly as competition to Google and assure their position in the professional world of web-based typography, Adobe acquired Typekit, as announced today by Typekit in their newsletter.

Typekit offers a service of web-based fonts that can be called from any web page to serve up specific fonts.  With the combination of Adobe’s vast library the power and breadth of serving up fonts that work has potential.  This has opened up the gates to design content management systems (CMSs) and blogs with CSS3 without relying heavily on images to create pretty type, particularly with headings.  This also helps with cross-platform compatibility with web-safe fonts.

Typekit in their announcement said,

Typekit will remain a standalone product, as well as become a vital part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud. Our team will stay together, and we’re excited to start working on even easier ways to integrate web fonts into your workflow.

via Typekit Newsletter.

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