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I received a notice from Slideshare this morning after reading a post online last night that they have moved to HTML 5.  This is welcomed news for sure!  What I like from their announcement is:

What does this mean for your slides?

  • Your slides will display flawlessly on an iPhone, iPad, Android and any other mobile platform. You can send a link to friends and colleagues, and they can view it on the go regardless of what device they are using.
  • Your slides will now load 30% faster. On the web, faster is better.
  • Your slides will be a part of the web. No plugins or downloads are required to view them.

I had been using the the “Slide by Slide” app on my iPad.  However, with this announcement, my slidedecks will play right inside the browser.  Slideshare went on to say that they had:

considered an app approach (build a SlideShare app in Apple & Android stores) at the beginning of the project, but moved to creating a full mobile website, since we wanted to reach the most number of users with our mobile offering. If you send someone a link to a presentation and they have to download an app to view it, that’s not a pleasant user experience. We want presentations on mobile devices to be accessible to as many users as possible.

Clicking on a link and seeing the presentation is a great way to go.  I actually think others (maybe not Slideshare) will create the native apps that will leverage this as well.

I will also be interested to see if I can present full screen directly from Slideshare on my iPad.  Hmmm?  What are your thoughts about this move by Slideshare?

via SlideShare moves to HTML5: your slides will work on all mobile devices now.

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