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I just received my acceptance notices that I will be presenting at Union University’s Fifth Annual Research Forum. Yahoo! My dear friend and colleague Dr. Anna Clifford (whom I often visit and present to her students at Union University) informed me about this local conference opportunity, and she suggested I submit.  She thought my research areas on project-based learning, mobile learning, and technology-supported teaching and learning would fit well in this forum!

I will be presenting three presentations:

  1. Coming to Understand the Influences on and Artifacts of Learning
  2. The Promise of Mobile Learning in Higher Education: Affordances, Implementations & Challenges
  3. Teaching with Web Tools: Characteristics, Implications and Limitations

For those of you who are local around Memphis, then you may want to register for this conference.  Union University has a reputation of creating high quality learning experiences and doing events well.  So, I’m really looking forward to attending this year.  A former colleague of mine at UofM, Dianne Morgan, is also the chair for the forum this year.

About Michael M Grant

Dr. Michael M. Grant is a passionate professor, researcher, and consultant. He works with faculty members, schools and universities, and districts to integrate technology meaningfully and improve teaching and learning. When 140 characters just won't work, then he blogs here at He has a beautiful wife and three equally beautiful daughters, who will change the world.

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