My wife sent this to me today. (I don’t think it was a hint suggesting I needed training, but maybe it was.) In any case, I wanted to pass along an opportunity for free instruction on important topics, and nothing is more important than parenting. It is conveniently located at UoM.


Here’s the info from

Parental involvement is one of the most deciding factors in a child’s success, which is why initiatives such as Mayor Wharton’s 1st annual Training Camp for Dads are so important.

The one day camp will provide seminars and resources to engage, educate and empower fathers across our community. The event is free, open to the family and includes free on site child care.

Although this training is catered to dad, the whole family can attend and enjoy the Strengthening Families Expo, highlighting resources from local community based organizations, government, vendors and family centered programs.

These are the types of programs that work to ensure that all children have the home base and parental support to succeed and provide Memphis with the educated and innovative human capital to be a city of choice.

Register now and also nominate an extraordinary father or father figure to be honored at the Hall of Fame Awards luncheon.

Training Camp for Dads
Saturday August 20, 2011

9:00am- 3:00pm
Executive Center, University of Memphis


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