If you haven’t seen this, then I encourage you to take a long, long look. I saw this come past in Twitter a few weeks back, and others have blogged about it as well, such as Central Science. This is the periodic table of elements each with a QR code for the elements.  I encourage you to click on the image and take a look at the full sized image, then scan some of the QR codes to see what happens.

There are some copyright (Creative Commons) restrictions on the use of this image.  It is by user Periodic Videos at Flickr.com.  The folks at Periodic Videos also have a brief video explaining the graphic and QR codes, too.


This could certainly be a great at-home resource for a chemistry class to use.  Students could use their own smartphones, a parent’s smartphone, or even a desktop QR code reader. A lot of fun, too!  Do you have any other examples of QR codes for teaching and learning?  Please let me know about them in the comments.

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  2. The QR-coded audio Periodic Table of the Elements was recently published in the Journal of Chemical Education.

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