Scanning QR codes at Union University

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In the past year, I’ve really become fascinated with QR codes, that’s quick response codes.  These little crazy square thingies are popping up everywhere—even on t-shirts!  Did you know they’ve been used in Japan for about 15 years. Who knew?

I’ve gathered up some resources here that I use in professional development workshops with K-12 teachers and higher education faculty.  So, give a bunch of these a go.  If you know of others, be sure to leave them in the comments so everyone can get them.

Quick Videos to Explain QR Codes



QR Code Generators

  • | QR codes are automatically generated with URL shortener
  • | QR codes are automatically generated with URL shortener
  • | Registered users get larger sizes & URL bundles
  • | Size options and download & embed options
  • | Lots of options for things to encode

Desktop QR Code Readers

Integration Ideas


Signs to Use with Professional Development


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2 Thoughts on “QR Code Resourcery #mlearning

  1. Jongpil cheon on July 5, 2011 at 1:28 am said:

    Thank you for the useful information.

    Watch the following video. It is not educational use of QR code, but it shows a great example of using QR for business.

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