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Beginning this Sunday, June 19, I will be attending and presenting at the Tennessee Education Mobilization Summit hosted by Walters State Community College.  This is a program sponsored by the Tennessee Board of Regents eLearning initiative, Walters State Community College, the Mid-East Tenessee Regional P-16 Council for Excellence in Education, and the Hamblen County Department of Education.  In addition to a focus on mobile computing devices/technologies, there will also be an emphasis on Google Tools and the move to the cloud.  Here’s an abbreviated list of the topic and some of the presenters.

  1. James Kelley, Education Technology Consultant Higher Education Leadership & Creative Markets Apple Education Group
  2. Kevin Roberts & George Saltsman, Abilene Christian University (ACU)
  3. Dennis Bega, United States Department of Education, Atlanta Office
  4. Wade MaCamey & Lori Campbell (WSCC)
  5. Dale Lynch, HCBOE
  6. Glen Clem, Griffin Technology
  7. Tristan Denley, APSU Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
  8. Gerry Hanley & Cathy Swift, MERLOT – Multimedia Educational Resources for Learning and Online Teaching
  9. Bill Hughes & Debra Volzer, Pearson
  10. Scott Nance, GALE & Cengage
  11. Aimee Tait & Todd Svec, McGraw Hill
  12. Margaret Askew, Elsevier
  13. Terry Countermine & Carolyn Novak, ETSU Emerging Technology Center
  14. Karen Dale, Mobile Music Composer, CSTCC
  15. Terri Blevins, Practical Nursing Director, TTC Elizabethton
  16. Mohan Vasanth, MOBL21, Web Base App Development
  17. TBR Library Deans/Directors: TBR Mobile App Library

I’m really excited about heraring from Abilene Christian University’s team of CIO, etc. with their initiative. In addition, I’ll be presenting on a number of topics with Google Docs, QR codes, and my MOBL 21 pilots.  I think I’m also giving a hands-on iPad training … but I don’t have an iPad 2 yet.  Eek!  Gotta figure that one out.  What would you like for me to pay attention to and bring back?

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2 Thoughts on “Tennessee Education Mobilization Summit

  1. Anna on June 16, 2011 at 4:11 pm said:

    This sounds..OVER the TOP! Are there plans to move this conference across the state? 🙂

  2. admin on June 16, 2011 at 6:32 pm said:

    @Anna, this is a state-wide conference already! Folks from across the state are attending. Walters State CC is hosting because they have planned a specific mobilization adoption. Others need to get on board! What’s Union doin?

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