If you work with distance learning or mobile learning, whether in K-12 or higher education, then I highly encourage you to consider submitting a proposal to the Midsouth Distance Learning Conference.  Last year, a group of us from the University of Memphis attended the Arkansas Distance Learning Association conference.  We found it a really useful conference for networking, sharing, and learning. This year, however, we learned that Arkansas, Tennessee, and Louisiana are combining to create the Midsouth Distance Learning Conference in Little Rock, AR.  Here’s a brief snippet from the website:

The distance learning associations from Arkansas, Louisiana and Tennessee have reached an agreement to forgo their annual conferences every two years and host a tri-state conference.  This year we will be holding our first tri-state conference in Little Rock, Arkansas at the Hilton Little Rock, 925 South University Avenue.  The conference dates are October 5-7, 2011.

This would be a great opportunity to present and learn. I suspect there will be a good number of us from UofM attending. Want to go? The deadline for proposal submissions is August 1. Be sure to contact me and we’ll figure out how to add you to a presentation about the work you’re doing.

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