CourseSmart this past spring released their mobile eTextbook readers. I have been using my textbooks for my graduate courses on my iPad through CourseSmart. (The texts I’ve adopted automatically appeared in my bookshelf.)

Just a few days ago in my email, CourseSmart informed me that they have added offline reading and annotations for their etextbooks.  Funnily, I hadn’t noticed that the CourseSmart app previously required a network for access. I guess I have always been at home or at the office when I was using the app and texts.  The instructions they sent me are below, and you should note that there are limits, that is, you can only use three sections or chapters at a time offline.

  1. From your CourseSmart bookshelf, select the desired eTextbook.
  2. Click the button to enable offline access.
  3. Select up to three chapters, or sections/ parts, at a time to “check out” and make available for offline use. This task can be repeated multiple times and the entire eTextbook can be made available for offline access, if desired.
  4. Once the chapters are successfully made available for offline use, you can access your chapters in your internet browser – even while offline.
  5. The offline Reader supports key features like notes, highlights, copy, and searching the current page.

Be sure to let me know if you’ve tried this and how it works for you.

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