ProfCast is a lecturecasting tool that is elegantly simple in its design.  Want to give a presentation and record the audio and slides synced together for playback?  That’s what ProfCast does easily. (It’s Mac and Windows, too.)

Now, they have are going mobile. Well, they have been mobile for a while with deployment.  Now, they are adding recording on mobile devices. Here’s the description that Humble Daisy sent in an email to me:

ProfCast Mobile is a full presentation suite for creating, delivering and recording presentations from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Users can create presentations adding text, images,and transitions. When they are ready to deliver their presentation, they can simply plug their device into a VGA or Digital AV adapter and the presentation will be displayed on the external display. The best part is, ProfCast Mobile records the presenter as they give their presentation. The result will be a movie with the slides and audio in sync. Users can then share the recordings via email, download to their computer or post them on YouTube all from their iOS device.

ProfCast Mobile is using a crowdfunding model to pay for the development.  I encourage you to check it out.

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