I really need your help. I have been asked to share with our Information Technology Division leadership, including the Chief Information Officer, about how I use technology in my teaching and learning.  What should I tell them?

A lot of you guys have taken classes with me or you’ve seen me teach or you’ve seen me deliver some kind of professional development.  What should I share with these powerful folks?  These folks can make significant decisions about how technology should play a role in teaching and learning at University of Memphis.

I see this as a chance to make a statement in what we should be doing.  I know there’s something you think they should know about that you seen with me.

Oh, by the way, I have about 15 minutes to impress them.

Please leave a suggestion below. Thanks.

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Dr. Michael M. Grant is a passionate professor, researcher, and consultant. He works with faculty members, schools and universities, and districts to integrate technology meaningfully and improve teaching and learning. When 140 characters just won't work, then he blogs here at Viral-Notebook.com. He has a beautiful wife and three equally beautiful daughters, who will change the world.

2 Thoughts on “I need your suggestions!!

  1. Suha Tamim on March 25, 2011 at 6:30 am said:

    Most importantly is to facilitate the process of involving the learners as active participants in creating content and collaborating with the professors and with each other. It is possible to do so with the many technology tools available, but the problem lies in working with these tools inside D2L.
    Second, when students collaborate and create on a learning site, it is important that they keep the access to it even after the course ends. This changes the learning process.
    Third, social bookmarking, where students and professors can select resources, store them online for easy access and share them with each other, is another valuable tool.
    I hope this helps.

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