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I had the distinct honor to be included in Connie Malamed’s list of 12 Unique Blogs Are Written By Professors over at the eLearning Coach blog.  To follow the Oscar sentiment of “It’s an honor to be nominated,” it certainly was an honor to be included on Connie’s list.  It was equally humbling to see the others on the list as well, such as George, David, Scott, and Michael.  (I do know it sounds a little shallow to also hear “It’s an honor to be included with the other nominees,” as well.)

I am friends and colleagues with many of the folks on this list, so thanks for thinking of me, too, Connie.  I see many of these folks as making significant contributions in formal and informal publishing to the areas of instructional technology, elearning, instructional design, and teacher education.  In their blogs, you can see that these guys use the blogs to connect with their professional communities, but they also use their blogs within their teaching.  So, you can see these guys are models for me in many ways.

Who else do you follow and use as a model?

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2 Thoughts on “Living among Stars

  1. Congrats Dr. Grant! I feel more hip than normal today since I discovered that I not only read your Viral Notebook, but I have also spent time reading some of the others on the list, before I saw the list!

  2. Awe shucks, Chuck. You made me blush.

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