Best Presentation of the DayOh, wow! First, I was surprised that I one of my slideshows made it to the homepage of Slideshare briefly. Well, the same slideshow also was selected by Slideshare for its Best Presentation of the Day today!  I really can’t believe it.

Today, I just happen to take a look at some of the presentations I had uploaded to Slideshare as part of my course, where I had decided to publish all my slides for my “Developing Interactive Learning Environments” course last spring. I just happen to notice that this presentation on “Comparing Instructional Design Models” was approaching 3000 views, which is pretty amazing itself.  So, I happen to tweet that out and hash tagged it with #BestPreso as well for Slideshare’s daily contest.  Now, I really didn’t expect there to be anything of this, because this is a pretty esoteric topic.  I just was happy to see that this slide deck was useful to so many people.

Slideshare Email

[slideshare id=3127392&doc=idmodels-100210151043-phpapp02]

This is so cool! After the news today, the views have gone up as well.  Slideshare has really included quite a few more pieces of data about where your presentations are being seen.  Here’s a screen shot of my stats on this presentation. With Slideshare’s press about this deck, the views are well over 3000 now.

Slideshare Stats

Slideshare continues to be an excellent outlet for making content highly visible.  So, my experiment on whether Slideshare is a good way to share open educational resources.  Thanks, Slideshare for the props! And thanks everyone else for stopping by and using the slides.  I hope they are helpful.

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