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During this term, I am teaching a course on integrating the Internet in the classroom with teaching and learning.  As a result, I am adding a completely new unit for me on virtual schooling and mobile learning.  I have decided to build this unit as a mobile learning unit.  I am in the process of creating the content for this unit. Most definitely, I will be piloting the use of MOBL 21, which is a content creation platform for mobile devices, specifically iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches.  MOBL 21 also has an Adobe Air desktop application for students who do not have one of these devices.

A few of the questions that I have to figure out answers to with this development project is:

  • Can I include video into the MOBL 21 environment?
  • Is it necessary for me to chunk the content into pages/screen?
  • How much is too much content in this unit?
  • What are the best methods to have students interact with this content?
  • Will the lack of Flash on the devices be an issue?
  • Should I do the entire unit inside the MOBL 21 environment or should I also include content outside of MOBL 21?
  • Should I have students experience the iPhone Simulator?
  • How do I address other devices?

In addition, the Advanced Learning Center at the University of Memphis is allowing me to offer iPod Touches to my students in this online course, so they can play, test, and use these devices with this unit.

What’s your thinking about my project and my questions?  Can you help me … quickly?

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