Hi, everyone! I am testing a new web application called HootCourse, where I can integrate Twitter posts easily with courses. HootCourse allows both tweets and blog posts for longer content.  The documentation on the services are meager, so I’m running a little test to see if I can post directly to my Viral-Notebook blog and to Twitter at the same time.  Now someone else wrote that HootCourse won’t post to Twitter directly unless the course is public.  Right now, I have my course set to private, but I may test again by changing my course to public to see if that does anything differently.

Amazingly, Rex and Thomas W at HootCourse both responded to my forum question, because I was having a problem logging into my own installation of WordPress.  But it appears that I’m able to do that now.  I had questioned whether HootCourse was limited to WordPress.org and WordPress.com accounts.  Funnily, Rex at HootCourse thought so too.  However, Thomas W piped in and said:

One night I added support for non-WordPress.com WordPress blogs and I must have forgotten to mention that to Rex. HootCourse’s essay feature should be able to integrate with just about any WordPress installation. That includes everything from the standard WordPress versions all the way to the heavily customized WordPress MU instances in use by some universities.

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