Adobe BrowserLabToday, from the Adobe Education Technologies blog, Brian Chau mentioned how much he liked trying Adobe BrowserLab:

I like the idea of being able to test how the CSS will render on different browsers/platforms without having to have all these browsers and versions be installed on my machine. One feature I particularly like is the ability to display not just a side-by-side comparison of the page render on 2 different browsers, but to display the 2 renders on top of each other as onion skins. It is amazing that sometimes 2 CSS renderings may seem to look identical on different browsers. Yet when put on top of each other, the pixel shift becomes apparent.

I’ve heard of BrowserLab in the last couple of months or so and gave it a try.  At the site, however, I didn’t catch on that you could download the plug-in to make it work inside of Dreamweaver.  That’s pretty cool.  At the site, Adobe says that free preview is for a limited number of users.  So, I encourage you to give it a try and get in on the freebie version while you can.

It works similar to the way that BrowserShots works (which was having some time-out difficulties when I tried them today). Not to worry, though, offers up a little of 10 resources to help you preview browser renderings (including BrowserShots).

Have you tried any of these guys out or downloaded the BrowserLab plug-in?

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