I’ve had a really great time here at TETC in Nashville.  The sessions on Wednesday went great.  The feedback I received was really positive, and I hope the information was helpful to many of the teachers.  Today, we’re going to be discussing two topics.  The links and topics are below.

W84-The Secrets to Project-based Learning (2:45 – 3:45pm, Ballroom C)

Here is the link to web page with the details about PBL all in one place. I plan to be adding some more pieces here, too, so let me know if you think something is missing.

  1. Secrets to Project-based Learning

Web 2.0 … from the beginning

Here’s the link to the page that contains details about the presentations

  1. Web 2 from the beginning

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One Thought on “TETC 2009: Friday sessions

  1. I really want to thank everyone that showed up and participated in the “Web 2.0 from the beginning” session. It was awesome! Your questions really showed your enthusiasm and willingness to learn. I certainly appreciate all the participation, and I wish we hadn’t had to rush toward the end. Feel free to contact me or leave your ideas and comments here.

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