Turkey IconBecause you all know just how much I love a good icon set, I’m sending along a new list of icons to get you ready for the holidays.  I received all of these either through an email subscription or an RSS feed that I read.  So, thanks to Tutorial 9 and SitePoint for making this elf happy.  As always, read the licensing and read me files to determine just how you can use these guys.

Fall & Thanksgiving

Fall Icons

With this icon pack from Tutorial 9, you get 5 icons in PNG format: leaves, pilgrims, a pumpkin, a tree, and a turkey.  Who doesn’t love a goofy turkey that can be repurposed as a Virginia Tech hokie?

Download from: http://www.tutorial9.net/resources/free-icon-pack-november-seasonal-icons/

Christmas Pack 1

Christmas Icons 1

This adorable little pack of icons from Chico21 on DeviantArt comes with 8 icons for you to use.  They are in PNG format (my favorite!), and you get a Christmas tree, reindeer, stocking with candy cane, chicken and hen (always a  holiday necessity), Santa mouse, Mama and baby bears, and a present.

Download from http://chicho21net.deviantart.com/art/Christmas-Dock-Icons-72393843

Christmas Pack 2

Christmas Icons 2

Twenty icons this time from the “Real Christmas 2005” pack.  These are from Enchanted Labs and come in 3 flavors — no, not cinnamon, ginger, and vanilla — Mac, Windows, and PNG.  If you would like to use these in your system icons, then feel free to use the Mac or Windows options.  But as I always suggest, download the PNGs for the most flexibility in your development projects.

Download from http://enhancedlabs.com/index.php/labnotes/comments/the_real_christmas_05_reloaded/

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