Union University logoI’m so excited to go back to Union University today.  Dr. Anna Clifford and her students invite me from time to time to come and spend some time with them talking about Google and Web 2.0.  We always have so much fun.  (Anna always remembers that M&Ms are my favorite treats, too.)  Today, I have the pleasure of Joanne G. coming with me to share her expertise as well.  She’s a former middle school teacher with Memphis City Schools and has a wealth of real-world knowledge that can be sure with Anna’s preservice teachers.  I don’t know if we’ll get everything that we want to talk about in or not, though.

Today, we’re going to tooling around with Google Docs/Apps.  In particular, we’re going to take a look at Google Reader, Google Docs word processor, Google Docs presentations, Google Docs spreadsheets and Google Docs forms.

Here’s the links to the wiki pages I’ve created to go along with the workshop.  Anything we don’t get to will be accessible through these links, and please use them liberally.

  1. Using Google Reader
  2. Using Google Docs word processor
  3. Using Google Docs presentations
  4. Using Google Docs spreadsheet
  5. Creating forms and quizzes with Google Docs forms

And a Google Form for us to try if we have time.

About Michael M Grant

Dr. Michael M. Grant is a passionate professor, researcher, and consultant. He works with faculty members, schools and universities, and districts to integrate technology meaningfully and improve teaching and learning. When 140 characters just won't work, then he blogs here at Viral-Notebook.com. He has a beautiful wife and three equally beautiful daughters, who will change the world.

5 Thoughts on “More Googling at Union

  1. I am a student at Union University and am in Dr. Clifford’s EDU 250 class- Technology in the classroom. We are looking forward to learning from you today! Many of the web 2.0 technology tools (trailfire, voicethread, weebly) that we have talked about thus far in our class have been new to me. And although I have used Google as my normal search engine- it was not until last week that I created a Google account. It is amazing to me all of the different web 2.0 technologies that are available to the general population. As a future teacher, I’m excited to integrate these new concepts into my classroom.

  2. Dr. Grant & Ms. G,
    It is time to stop and say… THANK YOU! Thank you for spending the day with us and guiding the Google journey. The students enjoyed the time, but more important they are beginning to use the tools into their personal and professional lives. Lesson plan development started last week. This is the first lesson plan, for most. They have explored the Teacher Technology Handbook ( and viewed InTime videos. They are ready to develop their own lesson plan. Many have asked if they could use the Google tools in the multimedia plan. Of course the answer is….”Yes!” It is an exciting time for them and me, too! Thank you both for your continue support.
    Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. David Maristany on December 9, 2009 at 9:48 pm said:

    Thank you very much for coming to our class today Dr. Grant. Your information was very helpful to me. I also enjoy looking around your website, im finding some pretty cool ideas. I also enjoy looking at all the different blogs you put on your website, its fun to see how many people you can keep in touch with.

  4. Thanks, @David, for stopping by and taking the time leave a comment. I’m glad you found the session helpful, and I hope you are able to begin using these tools in your school work and future classroom.

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