It’s getting to the time of the semester where I’m starting to get quite a few questions about what forms need to be completed, etc. for doctoral students in IDT.  (As an aside here, I’m going to point out that the word is doctoral not doctorial.  So that’s three syllables—not four.  Don’t add in the i.)  On my resource wiki, I have created a page that has a listing of all of the doctoral forms for IDT students.

If you are a student still taking courses, then you will only need the first two forms completed.  These are preferred to be completed within the first year of coursework.  However, they can be changed later to reflect actual courses taken.  Please note that there used to be three forms, but a new Program of Studies form has subsumed the Research Residency form.  So, now there is only two forms to complete.

Quick link: Forms for IDT Doctoral Students

Also, if you haven’t already, then I encourage you to poke around my resource wiki, where I have a number of resources for graduate students.

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