Marshmallow ToastingStarting next week, I’m going to summer camp.  Yahoo! Tents, campfires, ghost stories, s’mores.  I love s’mores.  I could be wrapped in chocolate and marshmallows.  Actually, I’m not going anywhere.  (Still thinking about making s’mores, though.)  I’m going to participate in PBworks’ (PBwiki) Summer Camp for Educators.  It’s approximately four weeks of Internet learning, collaborating, sharing, and fun.  The camp is currently closed for this year.  There have been about 1400 educators and technology facilitators from across the country and globe who have opted to participate. So, you’ll have to register for next year now.

From the camp syllabus, you can see that this isn’t just about wikis.  There’s going to be videos, polls, chat rooms, embeds, along with all the cool wiki stuff.  Oh, and there’s homework.  Now whoever heard of homework at summer camp.  But there you go.  The price for knowledge.

I’ve been using PBworks (PBwiki) for over a year now.  I’ve used it with graduate student courses in instructional design & technology and with the PAGE Teacher Academy site as well.  I’m also using PBworks as the space for my own professional resources.  I’m in the process of converting a lot of my handouts to web pages for this space, too.  I’m really thinking about moving toward this space as an archive for a lot of my handouts, which is a BIG deal for me.

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