I’m off to San Diego, CA, this week for the American Educational Research Association annual meeting.  This is the premier conference for educational researchers.  I will be presenting three sessions, and I will create posts for each one.  So, you can find all the articles and good stuff easily.

Today, as part of the Multiple Intelligences Special Interest Group, I’m presenting on “Coming to Understand the Influences on and Artifacts of Learning.”  The abstract reads:

Learning artifacts are tangible representations of an individual’s learning.  However, they are limited in their ability to completely reflect all the learning by an individual.  It is important to understand learning artifacts because learning and the products of learning are individualized for the learner and by the learner.  By understanding the products of learning, as well as the developmental process of these products, there may be a more complete understanding of what has been learned by the individual.  This manuscript attempts to understand the creation of learning artifacts, as well as the influences on learning artifacts.  A model is proposed to understand how learning products are generated and an example case from our research is illustrated.

You can download the full paper here.

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