Discussion (icon for workshops)Today, I’m presenting a workshop with Drs. Lee Allen and Kay Reeves on creating effective online courses.  There’s a tremendous push currently in our college (and university) to move more coursework online.  So, beyond the technical aspects of using our course management system (Desire2Learn), we are also discussing pedagogy and course design for online teaching and learning. We’re looking forward to a great discussion and some important conversations about facilitating learning online.

There’s a number of handouts and a presentation that I’m uploading here as well.

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Dr. Michael M. Grant is a passionate professor, researcher, and consultant. He works with faculty members, schools and universities, and districts to integrate technology meaningfully and improve teaching and learning. When 140 characters just won't work, then he blogs here at Viral-Notebook.com. He has a beautiful wife and three equally beautiful daughters, who will change the world.

2 Thoughts on “Effective online courses workshop

  1. Chuck Hodges on February 20, 2009 at 8:23 am said:

    Will you encourage your workshop attendees to Do the right thing? (http://www.viral-notebook.com/wordpress/2009/02/19/doing-the-right-thing/) 🙂

  2. This is incredible! Perfect timing for us! 😉 I have passed the URL on to members of the Online Course Task Team! Thank you so much!

    We are celebrating the current stage of Datatel migration. Yahoo! This is the first semester all courses offered through the university have had access to the online management system (Blackboard). It seems to be the prime time for examining our experiences with online courses and making plans for future needs, as we expand the online teaching-learning opportunities for our faculty and students. We are in the process of developing specific university guidelines for the online courses based upon our experiences and those of similar universities.

    What terminology (e.g., blended, enhanced, Web-based, online) do you use and how are they defined?

    What services (online training) do you offer adjunct professors? What do you expect/require of them? Are there specific/minimum requirements for all faculty? What has been successful?

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