These are my Jumptags for February 19th

  • Cogs For Blogs – A directory of Web 2.0 tools and tutorials on how to use them. Good stuff.
  • Google Spreadsheets Data Validation – Google Spreadsheets has a new feature for cell validation. It will check data within a cell to see if it matches certain criteria, such as email or URL.
  • Quick-UX. Quick Heuristics for User eXperience – Quick heuristics that consider usability, usefulness and desirability.
  • Six ways to make Web 2.0 work – Six ways to make Web 2.0 work. A Application Management Feature Article about Six ways Web 2.0 work by The McKinsey Quarterly. Free registration for most Business Technology Application Management articles. Web 2.0 tools opportunities, and how to u…

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